Cinema Centre 8

"Scream VI" (2D)

Released: March 9, 2023
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
(2 hrs, 3 mins))
R: (For strong bloody violence and language throughout and brief drug use)
Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega


As the survivors of the recent attack in Woodsboro travel to New York City for college, Tara, our final girl, begins to experience manic psychological breakdowns while seeing the ghosts of past killers. Meanwhile, her sister, Sam, attempts to manipulate her by pretending to be Ghostface. But when their plan goes wrong, three new masked killers appear on the scene, leaving the question of who will survive and who will be the final victim left to be answered. This new entry into the "Scream" franchise combines elements of psychological thriller and mystery like never before.


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